#02.【TOUGH】× chain bracelet × 925silver

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#02. 第二弾 シーズンアイテム

【TOUGH】≒ 強く太いブレスレット




サイズ| 約7.5×5.4×1.8mm (1コマ/長さ×幅×厚み)

全長| 18cm





●ご注意:シルバー925素材はアレルギーが出にくくジュエリーとして加工しやすい点で 大変優れた素材ですが、繊細な作りのため、少しの衝撃で曲がったり破損したりする恐れがあります。お取り扱いは丁寧にお願い致します。






# 02. Second season item[TOUGH] Strong and thick braceletIt is simple, but there is a product when exposed to light, and it becomes more delicious as you use it.There is a firm presence alone.You can enjoy stacking with other items such as watches and thin bangle."I wore it for one month to check the sample. It fits nicely, from chic adult eyes to a style with a sense of street. 1 Art Director)【size】Size | About 7.5 x 5.4 x 1.8mm (1 frame / length x width x thickness)Full length | 18cm
Stamp: 925 stamped* Please understand that silver may have fine scratches or darkening (oxidation peculiar to silver).* If you are allergic, it may not fit your skin.In that case, please refrain from use.● Caution: Silver 925 is an excellent material because it is less susceptible to allergies and easier to process as jewelry, but because of its delicate structure, it may be bent or damaged by a slight impact. Please handle with care.● Care: After use, please clean gently with a cleaning cloth.By taking care of it correctly, you can maintain its shine and use it for a long time.* Please understand that silver may have fine scratches or darkening (oxidation peculiar to silver).* Since 925 silver products are easily scratched, they are sold as non-defective products if there are some scratches. For this reason, we offer it at an affordable price.Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.[Reduced product selection to reduce environmental impact]Promoting the selection of eco-friendly products, non-chlorine-based materials, materials with good cost performance, environmentally friendly products that take into account the improvement of product durability and disposal after use.Unisex specificationCOLOR is SILVER